Why Wait?
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Infatuation is that mountain-top feeling of new love, the total obsession with the beloved. You love everything about them, you can't see any faults in the beloved. It usually happens fast, love at first sight , or you may fall into it. It makes you act crazy, not yourself, you can't concentrate on your school work. You have butterflies in your stomach just thinking about your beloved. Infatuation may grow into love with time, or it may just evaporate. It usually lasts only a few months, maybe 18 at most. There is nothing wrong with infatuation, it is a natural part of growing up, and most peopl will have many crushes before true love. The problem with infatuation is when life altering decisions are made based on infatuation instead of true love.

Lust is something completely different. Lust is a selfish interest in another person. One may like the way the person looks, or like them for a position they hold, like captain of the football teem, or prom queen. Lust also happens quickly, and is interested in what the other person can do for them, what can they get out of the relationship. The attitude in lust is taking, exploiting and using the other person, most often for sex, but can be other things. Lust does not turn into love. Lust is never a good thing.

Love is a feeling of total commitment to the other person. It happens more slowly, as you get to know each other better, learn the likes and dislikes, the goals and dreams, fears and hopes of the other person. You build faith and trust and you share your heart and soul. As you find things you have in common you grow closer together. You learn their faults and weaknesses and love them anyway. They drive you to be a better you, bring out the best in you, and you want to help them be their best, reach their goals. You have this persons best interest at heart.

True love takes time.

This is why you should Wait For Sex.