RISE Program
Programs for Teens and Adults.
Heritage Keepers
Proven Effective Evidence Based

RISE uses the Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education program. It effectively teaches teens the benefits of avoiding the risks of sexual activity and the skills necessary to abstain. In 2012, Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education was placed on the US Health and Human Services (HHS) list of Proven Effective Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Programs. It has also been approved by the Florida Department of Health as an effective TPP program.

Heritage Keepers is evidence based and medically accurate. It has been found to be effective across all populations and has been replicated in Florida. Heritage Keepers is a 450 minute presentation that is most effective when done in daily consecutive format, such as 45 minute class session of 10 consecutive days. It is suitable for middle school or high school.

For more information see Heritage Keepers web page.

Wait For The Ring
Abstinence Education for adults or teens

For those interested in a one time presentation RISE offers Wait For The Ring an original SRA Abstinence Education program for teens. This presentation discusses the reasons for abstinence : medical, emotional, social, and spiritual. There is both a secular and Biblically based version.

RISE offers an adult presentation for parents, teachers, youth leaders or adults who work with teens or care about teens.

Adaptable for all audiences
  • A Power Point Presentation by Medical Institute for Sexual Health
  • Adaptable for all types of audiences and lengths of presentation from PTA's to school boards to classrooms to teen groups
  • covers information on abstinence, STDs ,marriage and family, and non-marital pregnancy