About Rise
Who We Are & What We're About
Mission & Vision
Educating the Community

RISE exists to educate the local community about the benefits of abstinence until marriage for all youth. By supporting those teens who are not sexually active and encouraging those that are to stop sexual activity there will be a positive impact on the community. The Central Florida Pregnancy Center has witnessed the tears of many teens faced with an unplanned pregnancy, an STD or a broken heart. We believe that teens, if given all the information necessary, will make the right choice for better health which is abstinence until marriage.

For Teens
Empowering Youth With Skills & Confidence

RISE programs will empower Volusia County youth with skills and confidence to be strong in making choices that are in their best interest, as well as giving them a vision for their future by avoiding sexual risk behavior.

For Adults
Encouraging Parents to understand teens

RISE programs will empower parents and other adults in the lives of teens to show love and support for teens, to understand what teens need from their parents and adults in order to make healthier decisions, to understand the pressure that teens face today, and to encourage open communication between adults and teens about sex.